Do you enjoy traveling and are often away for extended periods of time? If so, have you thought about renting out your property out whilst on your travels? By doing this you will bring in some extra revenue which could allow you to stay away for even longer. Depending on your property you may want to update the living space to look more presentable. When you update your living room, you don’t need to spend a fortune. By simply adding a couple of features you can instantly change the dynamics of a room, making it feel completely different. Below are four ways that you can update your living room, no matter how big or small it is. You could also use a couple of these tips to change another room within your property, such as your dining room. 

Change up your bulbs

The color of your bulb can change the feel of a room instantly without costing a lot. White bulbs or warm bulbs will both change the atmosphere and reflect the surroundings differently. If you enjoy smart technology you could invest in some smart bulbs which will connect to your Alexa or Google interface. Smart bulbs come in many colors and last longer than your standard bulbs. Plus, you can change the color of the room depending on your mood by asking your smart device. 

Add a rug

Living room rugs can make your space look bigger and can be switched out depending on the time of the year. No matter the type of flooring whether it be carpet or laminate, you can find a rug that will blend in nicely, adding a different dimension to the room. If you find a couple of rugs that you like, you can always add them to other spaces in your house like a bedroom or under a dining room table. If you have a pet, this can offer comfort and reduce the damage they do to the furniture. 

Add a mirror on the wall

What is your wall space like? Do you hang pictures or leave it empty? Either way, have you thought about adding a round or rectangle mirror to the wall? A mirror reflects making a room look bigger whilst also increasing how bright a room looks. It also helps with having a statement piece. If you live in a small apartment a mirror can really open up the room making your apartment inviting. You’ll find a mirror instantly changes the dynamic of a room, with guests commenting when they visit. 

Add some plants around the room

Why not add some color to the room through the use of plants. Indoor plants are affordable and a great way to change things up. You can move them around and if you aren’t very good at keeping them alive, you can opt for fake ones. That said, with real plants you can benefit from a reduction in stress and an increase in productivity. Depending on your living room they come in all shapes and sizes so you’ll be sure to find one that fits. If you are away, fake plants may be a better option as they require less upkeep but you’ll still benefit from the aesthetics.

Bring out the colorful cushions

Cushions instantly lift up the look of the room – pick up bright fabrics to bring in a pop of color to your decor. Do a quick search to find eco-friendly and vegan soft furnishings for the welcoming touch. Several brands also offer cushions crafted from recycled materials. An easy mood-lifter!

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