For many travelers, the most challenging thing about adventure is the tendency to leave all the memories behind after returning from your trips. We are all dreaming about a time when travel is back on the cards and missing it terribly. In the meantime, there are several ways to make your house a reminder of your travels. If you plan to have an excellent vacation post-lockdown, it pays to know the best ways to personalize your home to reflect each experience. You could also make a list of exotic home decor to buy from another country when we can travel again. The following top five travel decor ideas can help you make your house a traveler’s home.

Travel-themed bedding

Perhaps your bedroom is the first place you want to customize according to your lifestyle. This should be an easy fix if you look for travel-themed bedding and duvet sets. Personalize your bedroom with bedding that carries maps or landmarks of essential places you have visited. When you adorn that living space with spectacular symbols of your favorite destination, you can relive adventurous moments.


It’s possible to install lamps in your home that create travel impressions. Lighting fixtures such as lampshades can be personalized according to your travel lifestyle. For example, you can choose to buy lamps with a globe design. You can also purchase lamps which resemble ones you saw at a travel destination. Lighting systems with an industrial theme also constitute good travel decor ideas. If you love nature adventures, then create room for natural light to shine through your windows. If you are a travel enthusiast who has kids, you could also furnish your kids’ bedrooms with hot air balloons, toy airplanes, and the like. 

Wall Photos

Avid travelers don’t necessarily have to be professional photographers before they can take epic vacation pictures. A photo website such as Artifact Uprising has an uploader to convert beautiful photos on your phone into a fantastic album. Of course, you could also enlarge some of your best shots and hang them on the wall to serve as your travel photo gallery. 

Alice Inn living room

Quirky decor. Photo: Alice Inn

Create a space dedicated to a travel location

So far, the ideas have been about making minor additions to your home. But what if you could include major installations that reflect a destination you absolutely loved to visit? For example, if you traveled to a location where wood was the primary material used in their construction, consider replicating that. You can start by installing solid wood flooring. Beautiful real wood floors for your home is an alternative flooring solution that creates a luxurious appeal to your home, so it’s a win-win. You can also go the extra mile and create a dedicated space made entirely of wood! 

Custom-made pillows and murals

Do you love to enjoy a good rest after traveling around the world? Invest in custom-designed pillows; they allow you to bring memories of your favorite locations straight to your couch. You could use your best vacation photo to create a beautiful mural for yourself. Once you have a high-quality picture that can be enlarged, a travel decor mural is not far from becoming a reality in your home. You only need to work with the best graphic artists, and they will get the job done for you.

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