When it comes to sustainable fashion, it seems like those who practice what they preach are few and far between. These 5 designers took it upon themselves to bring a positive change to an industry riddled with waste. Check out the following designers who proudly displayed earth-friendly outfits on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week!


Created by the talented Jenny Lai, each item from NOT is designed as well as produced in New York City.  Inspired by music, theatre, and dance, Lai incorporates the similarities of getting dressed and performing into every clothing item. With a limited, exclusive stock to prevent overproduction, each item is carefully crafted with the utmost quality.

NOT Sustainable Fashion

Photo via NOT

NOT New York Fashion Week

Photo via NOT

Nicholas K

Focused on giving back to the community, Nicholas K only uses sustainable alpaca with mill to do just that. The brand also uses eco cashmere – a natural, undyed cashmere used in the sweaters. Each collection utilizes GOTS certified vegetable dyed leather, organic cottons, artisan woven cotton shirting, with no fashion fur used anywhere. For the upcoming collection, the brand is experimenting with flower and natural plant dyes.

Nicholas K New York Fashion Week

Photo via Nicholas K.

Collina Strada

Created in 2009 by designer Hilary Taymour, Collina Strada, a boutique brand, is for independent thinkers and inventive individuals. Full of wardrobe staples that flow from one look to the next, each item is carefully crafted in Manhattan’s Garment district. Shipped in recycled cardboard boxes from a company that takes every step to keep greenhouse emissions low, Taymour is has made it clear how dedicated she is to the green cause.

Collina Strada New York Fashion Week

Photo via Collina Strada

Minan Wong

Mimi Wong, founder and designer of Minan Wong, makes it her duty to provide great designs made of sustainable materials. Utilizing items such as Tencel, organic cotton, and recycled materials, all pieces are crafted in the United States. Fair wages are paid to each individual, supporting the local economy and style in one great look.

Minan Wong Sustainable Fashion

Photo via Minan Wong


Utilizing cruelty free materials from local areas, brand creators Anne Deane and Jacob Park make it their goal to get more and more green with every season. They also focus on safe water practices and take an incredibly transparent approach – honesty is an important factor in the eco-friendly movement. Delicate with an edge, each item of clothing boasts the utmost care and attention to detail.

Öhlin/D Sustainable Fashion

Photo:Dillon Sachs/ Öhlin/D

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