So why should Mykonos travel be high on your bucket list? The most famous of the Cyclades islands in Greece is a glam destination rich in fine sand beaches, heady nightlife and adventure for thrill seekers. There are beaches filled with fun bars and highly renowned clubs that stay open all night. However, there is more than just the nightlife that makes Mykonos appealing. This island is a photography dream and here are some gorgeous pictures that beautifully showcase why so many people choose to travel to Mykonos.

Little Venice

Little Venice is one of the top travel spots on this island and seems to been tailormade for photography lovers! The buildings were constructed right by the water edge, and the atmospheric setting lends itself well to a glass of wine at the several bars and restaurants. Great for sunset photography too! You can lose yourself here in the meandering streets during the day, and sail at sunset. It is one of the most popular photoraphy landmarks in Europe for travel lovers, and it is easy to see why. Most of the trendy restaurants and bars can be found here in Little Venice.

Little Venice Mykanos Greece

Little Venice. Photo:


The windmills are another travel attraction that photography lovers find extremely appealing. These atmospheric windmills can be seen from anywhere on the island, and are typically the first thing seen when approaching the Alefkandra shore. These are a source of beauty and pride for the locals, and one has actually become a museum. They represent the spirit of innovation of the Greeks, because these were early processing units, contributing to the economic prosperity of the island between the 17th and the 19th century. They also helped to make Mykonos such an important stop for ships. Once again, this is a gorgeous sight – where you choose morning or evening to test your photography skills!

Mykonos Windmills

Photo: benibeny via Pixabay


Another reason to travel to Mykonos is its fabulous beaches. One of the most notable is Elia Beach, the island’s longest beach. This extremely glamorous beach has sun beds, beach sports, places to party and play, and travel lovers enjoy its cleanliness. Glamorous celebs are often seen relaxing on Elia Beach. It has a beautiful view, clear water, and a luxurious feel to it, making it yet another reason to travel here. There are several other beaches to spend your days sprawled out in the sun relaxing too. If you are looking for a place to party, look for Paradise and Super Paradise beaches. For a family friendly beach, go to Ornos Beach – another beach perfect for travel photography! If you want a good beach town, Platys Gialos is for you. You truly cannot go wrong with any!

Mykonos Elias Beach

Elia Beach. Photo: skeeze via Pixabay

We stayed at the lovely Leonis Summer Houses – find out more about where to find sanctuary from the crowds and still have a beach within walking distance!


A standout aspect of the island is its architecture. Its buildings are flat and shaped in these specific ways to adapt to the humid or windy weather. While this is one of the most diverse areas to travel to, the building style remains more old school, which is an even bigger reason to spend time here. Besides practicality, the white washed architecture style looks beautiful against the rocks and other nature surrounding it. It reminds travel lovers of the iconic images of Greece seen in films.


Photo: Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia Commons


When you travel here, you cannot miss the churches. There are several on the island, and each is in a gorgeous location overlooking see the sea – this is a dream travel photography landscape! Churches are seen throughout, and various monasteries as well. The architecture is simple, yet beautiful. Seeing these churches is not challenging, because there are so many throughout the island! These were constructed to reflect the spirituality that many of the natives feel. Some have even been declared historical monuments.

Mykonos Church

Photo: glaurosas via Pixabay


Another reason to travel here: for big adventure thrills! There are so many outdoor activities that the island has to offer. There are hiking tours, safari tours, kayaking, diving, bicycle tours, and numerous water sports. This is an incredible island that you want to see every corner of. Some of these corners cannot be reached without a specific vehicle. Go sailing for a magnificent sunset (and for your travel photography fix), try kite surfing or kayaking – trust us, you’ll never want to travel back home!

Mykonos Adventure

Photo: Jason Blackeye via unsplash

Breasts of Aphrodite

Breasts of Aphrodite is the name given to these two hills seen off in the distance – ahem, for rather obvious reasons. There are special hikes to these hills, and they are a great way to get some exercise in for the day as you travel to a gorgeous location. Many of these hikes also include kayaking and swimming, which only adds to the enjoyment of this experience. Traveling to these hills is yet another fun activity to do when you travel here!

Mykonos Breasts of Aphrodite

Photo: MustangJoe via Pixabay


An adventurous activity that is also essential for travel lovers is sailing. There are several upscale yachting companies that provide different options. There are sailing tours that show you around the island from the sea. They can do full island tours, specific areas, or you can travel to the islands nearby. There is a popular sunset sail to Little Venice, a trip to the South Coast, or a cruise to Rhenia Island. Sail, soak in the sun, and capture some envy-inspiring travel photography!

Mykonos Sailing

Photo: Filip Orlandic via Unsplash

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town, otherwise known as Chora by the locals, is a great place to spend time. It has excellent shopping, booming nightlife, and delicious places to eat, all with an amazing view of the sea. This is a buzzing capital tailormade for photography with its picture-perfect architecture. It also has some of the most gorgeous churches that Mykonos has to offer, and has quaint, narrow winding streets. Warning, it can get extremely busy though!

Mykonos Chora

Photo: Laborratte via Pixabay

Day Trip to Delos

Take advantage of the excursions that the island has to offer – Delos is only a boat ride away! Delos is one of the most significant places in ancient Greece, and it is home to one of the largest archeological sites in the world, with artifacts from the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods. You can arrange either a public or private trip to Delos, which includes taking a boat to the island, and having a guide take you on a walking tour that hits the most significant areas – the agora, or ancient market, and old living quarters. While there is plenty to see in Mykonos, a day trip to Delos is an extremely fun way to spend one of your days!

Delos Theater

Photo: Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia Commons

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