Whether it’s the beach, a lake, the mountains or somewhere else, nature travel may be memorable for the sights. But if you’re not the camping sorts, but still want to enjoy the serenity and quietness of the location, you can bring along your very own pop-up hotel! Let’s face it: if you aren’t down with the elements, outdoor excursions can become more of a hassle than a pleasure. Thankfully, however, a new ecodesign is changing that and making nature travel that much more accessible. 

Eco design meets luxury with In-tenta Design’s DROP Box, part of the DROP microarchitecture collection. Easily transported to any natural location, travel never seemed so green until now.

Drop Box Eco Design

Take the DROP Box anywhere!

The DROP Box, a modular hotel, is constructed off-site and is made from natural and renewable materials such as wood. The wood-based design is not only eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, but also allows for an insulated heat feature. Whereas it may be too cold or too hot outside the suite, inside, it is nothing short of perfection.

Comfortable is the buzzword as the DROP Box’s chic design and spacious rooms make for the perfect place to relax, lay back and enjoy the beauty of nature travel.

Drop Box Eco Design

The DROP Box comes in two sizes, either for two adults or a family of four. It also comes equipped with a panoramic shower, outdoor terrace and large windows to take in the view and natural light.

Drop Box Eco Design

The cosy but plush interiors

When nature fights back with rough weather conditions, the DROP Box allows for a safe and enjoyable way to make the most of your trip. 

Also available is the DROP Box CW, constructed similarly to the DROP Box. It is available in both natural wood and cement-wood panels. The cement-wood panels make the module durable against nature’s wrath.

Drop Box Eco Design

Of course, the DROP Box and DROP Box CW are intended to be placed in locations that will not damage the environment and will allow for travelers to take all that Mother Nature has to offer. Remember, leave no footprint, take only memories!

Drop Box Eco Design

In-tenta Design was created in 2012 by Barcelona’s Manel Duró and Marta Gordillo, focused on developing new, innovative and sustainable designs. The pair have been working together since 2007 and are working to make progressive moves in eco design, including the DROP Box and other designs of the microarchitecture collection.  

Coffee on a mountain, breathing in fresh air, never sounded so good with this mobile hotel!

For more information, visit In-tenta’s website.

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