Compared to a traditional home, a mobile home offers more square footage for the money and takes less time to build. But what if you had a smart home that could serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel or a even a charging station for electric cars? The Ecocapsule is an imaginative design solution powered by purely solar and wind energy – earning itself some cool green cred.

Slovak Republic innovators Nice Architects entered a competition in 2008 that they may not have won, but the Ecocapsule – a design meant for a small housing unit for an artist – definitely created a buzz. The second version’s prototype came together in 2014 – a sleek structure that kept itself going for long periods of time without external help.

Ecocapsule Martin Barabas mobile homes

Photo: Martin Barabas

The design defies the traditional style of living by offering adventurers an off-grid lifestyle, granted the correct conditions and environment. If you love nature, Ecocapsule works a housing unit for those who need to stay in nature for a longer time – for example, scientists, photographers, rangers or extreme tourists.

Designed as a condensed mobile home, ready to operate up to a year for 1 -2 people, depending on the geography and local conditions. The body is composed of high-capacity, insulated fiberglass shells that lay over an aluminum frame. The mobile home receives its energy from a low-noise wind turbine that extends approximately 4.5m and high proficiency solar panels aligned on the roof.
Photo: Martin Barabas Ecocapsule mobile home

Photo: Martin Barabas

Additionally, it is designed to have a smart home system as well as sensors that are controlled by a home system interface via Tablet application. The truly unique aspect of the mobile home is it does not need any specific foundation or ground preparation, so you can basically put the Ecocapsule virtually anywhere.
Photo: Martin Barabas Ecocapsule mobile homes

Photo: Martin Barabas

The design captures rainwater and minimizes thermal loss while off the grid, however, the Ecocapsule can be connected to an external water and power source (stream, lake, camp water, etc). Rainwater is collected on the surface, where it’s connected to water tank and filtered.

If you are wondering how long the mobile home can live off the battery power in the scenario there is no energy from the sun and wind, it varies. On a fully charged battery, the mobile home is designed to have four days’ worth of electricity.

Ecocapsule Martin Barabas mobile home

Photo: Martin Barabas

The mobile home has 4 small wheels so you can easily maneuver it on smooth surfaces as well as two hooks on the roof so the mobile home can be lifted by a forklift or helicopter. Nice Architects are currently developing a design so the mobile home can easily attach to any truck with tow capabilities for easier transportation.

The mobile home comes furnished with a desk, cabinets, folding bed with a mattress, kitchenette cabinets, and a baggage cabinet. There are customizing features of the Ecocapsule such as furniture, floor finish, and exterior finish color.

Tomas Manina Ecocapsule mobile homes

Photo: Tomas Manina

The bathroom functions just like any traditional bathroom and is equipped with a water saving faucet and shower head. Users can add water from any source and the water will be cleansed by the mobile home’s filtration system before using the bathroom’s shower head or faucet.

How’s that for a really nifty mobile home design?