Traditional Chinese food can have some amazing health benefits that many people aren’t aware of. Grab the ginger and stock up on sesame seeds to create some delicious and nutritious Chinese dishes of your own. The lovely folks at Royal China Group have not only revealed five of their favourite ingredients and how they can benefit your health and well-being, but we’ve also got a fab plum wine sauce recipe for you.

Make sure to use these ingredients when you’re craving some delicious Chinese food:


Packed full of vitamins, it may surprise you to know that chillies contain more Vitamin C than oranges, which helps to boost the immune system. They are also a superb source of vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium and folic acid.


Great for digestion, ginger can help relieve stomach aches, morning sickness and nausea. It is also a natural preventative measure for heart attacks and strokes as it reduces blood clotting.


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A fantastic source of protein, tofu is especially good for vegans as it doesn’t contain any animal products. It is packed full of nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc, making it a great ingredient as part of a balanced diet.

Sesame Seeds

Much like tofu, sesame seeds are an excellent source of high quality protein. They are also proven to balance blood pressure levels and lower cholesterol.

Green Tea

For those suffering from diabetes, green tea can be a fantastic accompaniment to frequent insulin shots to help regulate glucose levels in the blood. Green tea is also beneficial for your skin as its rich in antioxidants, which reduce signs of aging.

Green Tea organic skincare and hair care hacks

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Recipe: Plum Wine Sauce À L’Anglaise

The star ingredient of the recipe below, plum wine, is full of antioxidants that can protect your skin from free radicals that can cause aging. Try it at home to add a unique new flavor to your next home-cooked meal this week!


  • 1-quart pint milk
  • 12 egg yolks
  • 2 vanilla beans, split lengthwise
  • 200g caster white sugar
  • 25ml plum wine


1. Fill a large bowl with ice, and place bowl large enough to hold all of your ingredients sitting onto the ice. This is for cooling the sauce when finishing.

2. Place the milk and vanilla beans into a large saucepan over low heat to bring out the flavor.

3. Whisk together the egg yolks and sugar in a medium bowl until thick and creamy.

4. When the milk nearly boils, gradually whisk it into the egg mixture, stirring constantly so that the hot milk does not scramble the yolks. Then pour the mixture back into the pot and place over low heat. Remove the vanilla beans and add the plum wine. The seeds may be scraped out and returned to the sauce if desired.

5. Stir constantly over low heat. Do not allow it to boil. Cook the mixture to 182 degrees F (83 degrees C). If you see any signs of lumps, immediately stir faster to smooth it out and remove from the heat.

6. Pour the sauce into the awaiting container in the ice bath. This will stop the cooking process. Strain the sauce through a sieve for a fine texture finish.

As mentioned before, this sauce can really brighten up the flavor of many different dishes. Better yet, it can even be saved and used throughout the week once you’re done!

Plum sauce is a staple in Chinese food – you’ll love this recipe!

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