While I love the vibrant colours of the Rocky Mountains in the summertime, there is something magical about the simple colours of the winter season. As sail through November, the autumn colours make way for the heavy snowfalls which cover the landscape. So after our first snow here I decided to have a drive out to see how things were looking. It also offered great travel photography opps.

Bow Lake

Bow Lake is one of my favourite places to travel around in the Rockies. It is located in the Icefield Parkway just off the highway. In the summer, I often bring my kayak and enjoy exploring on the emerald blue waters.  This time we had to wade our way through knee high snow to the lakeside. The snow around the lake made for a wonderful winter scene.

Bow Lake

Peyto Lake

Travel just a little further down the Icefield Parkway to Peyto Lake. It can be best viewed after a short hike up a trail from Bow Summit. From that vantage point we could see the wolf-head shaped lake with its vivid blue waters surrounded by snow and incoming clouds.

When we arrived at Bow Summit there was a bus and a car stuck in the snow near the trailhead. Both were waiting to be rescued. It serves as an indication of the hazards of winter driving in the Rockies.

rocky mountains peyto lake canada

Peyto Lake

Abraham Lake

Located in Nordegg is Abraham Lake. This lake is most renowned for its spectacular methane ice bubbles which appear when the lake freezes over. This is caused from decaying vegetation at the bottom of the lake. The water hadn’t started to freeze yet while we were there. However, it surely must only be a matter of weeks until it does and I can plan my return trip.

Rocky Mountains canada

Abraham Lake

Boom Lake

Boom Lake is located in Banff National Park at the foot of Boom Mountain. It got its name from the Alpine Club of Canada who noticed that a high number of logs had built up on the lake and resembled a log boom. Getting to the lake involved a 5km hike from the trailhead. But once we were there we were rewarded with a peaceful view of the lake all to ourselves.

Rocky Mountains canada boom lake

Travel in the Rocky mountains offers spectacular photography opportunities and views you’ll never forget – remember to drive safe.

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