Morgan Shidler

Dancer Pose on Lake Tahoe - 1024 x 683 yoga

5 Reasons to Practise Yoga When You Travel

I’ve been practising yoga for 12 years. I am not a teacher or a super skinny super bendy Instagram model. In fact, I was barely able to touch my toes, but final...
san francisco sunset-at-the-golden-gate-bridge

Insider Guide: 24 Hours in San Francisco

Okay, as a local I’m going to tell you a secret: San Francisco really is the most beautiful city on earth. And the day of the week you visit really matters. All...
Morgan Shidler

Morgan Shidler

Morgan Shidler is a photographer based in Oakland, California. She loves telling stories with her photos, is addicted to travel and has lots of funny adventures to share from her experiences! She has a Masters in Education and has many years of working in After School Programs around the bay area.