The minimalist trend is gaining traction because we are learning it isn’t stuff that makes us happy. Stuff costs money, takes up space and most of the time stuff just sits there and does nothing. It creates more work for us when we need to move it, store it or find someone to buy it. We collect things that we like and then our tastes change, our bodies change, seasons change; then we have a closet full of collected items that crowd the space. I invite you to consider that space is a good place for happiness. So consider these handy closet organizer hacks to set you free.

Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D writes about the stress of clutter in Psychology Today. Carter describes how clutter impacts our psyche by sending a signal to our brain that our work is never done. The constant distraction and stimulus can create anxiety and may be the reason we also tend to avoid the pile up. Our inner worlds may very well be reflected in our environment and our environment very much affects our internal realities.

Logically, the easiest way to destress is to declutter! Ready for a fashionable makeover or thinking about downsizing? It’s a good idea to have a regular give away day at the turn of every season especially when you know full well that suspender jumper is not going to be pop’n next summer.

So, if you are ready to address the monster in the closet, letting go of these 10 items with these handy DIY closet organizer hacks will clear the way.

It doesn’t fit

…but I love it and maybe I could figure out how to make it fit again. No. You won’t. This is what we all say because we have an attachment of some sort to this article of clothing. The fact that it doesn’t fit anymore means that it no longer represents your best self. Trade it for something that does.

Boy in Large hat

Photo: Andrew Vargas via Wikimedia Commons

It’s just ugly

And you know it except there is a strange attraction to it albeit not quaint enough to ever think about wearing it in public. Unless you are super into Halloween or theme parties and will give it a go in the next few months, it should find a new home. The easiest closet organizer tip to see through.


Yes, you can have too many. All the shiny things are nice and sparkly, but how many bracelets can you really pull off with one outfit? A strong place to start, and this one is tough, is set aside the top five faves, the not-so-faves? Well, you haven’t worn them in months. Give those away as sweet little gifts.

Fancy Jewelry

Photo: PxHere

Shoes I might (not) wear again

Actually, if you have this moment and wonder “why haven’t I worn these?” it’s because they just don’t light your fire anymore. You know, shoes should do that.

Red vintage roller skates

Photo: Pexels

That dress is so pretty

That’s why you wore it to high school prom. Kudos to you for still being able to put it on, but really? You have two options to save yourself here: One, tear it up and use the cloth to sew something else really great or two, hand it down to the really artsy high school theater kids you know.

Costume dress

Photo: Ryan Jude Novelline via Wikimedia

Seasonal attire

Ok, tough question: will you wear it, rock it and feel good in it? Seasonal clothing is just that- seasonal. Sure you could pack it away in a box until next year and if it’s winter clothing it will take a lot of those. You could also send aid to the less fashionable and give them some of your clothes. What goes around comes back around in better style.

Winter pattern scarves

Photo: PxHere

It cost a car payment for that thing!

Which means it is probably sporting a brand name and that is a hot re-sellable item. Don’t let money you already spent keep you from the sanity of decluttering your closet. This closet organizer hack will make you money.

Ancient helmet

Photo: PxHere

An ex gave it to you

Nostalgia is a powerful persuader and keeps us trailing many extras including emotional clutter, but that’s a story for another day. Today is the day to give it away!

The thing that keeps ending up on the floor because it actually has no home

We have all been there am I right? That sweater or those shiny heels or those weird looking leather boots that we don’t wear because… well, they’re leather. It’s not helping the floor. Re-home it.

The one thing NOTHING else goes with

Unless you are prepared to work your entire attire around this item to make it match or maybe you could just roll out in something a little more avant garde, this one is just annoying. It has a really cute pattern, but the wrong colors. It has great length, but too high of a neck line. It needs a new place to live.

It’s true, we all want to have more time, more space and sometimes more stuff. We rationalize the need to keep it, feel guilty for not cleaning it up and often it’s fear that keeps us chained to our stuff. Stuff now has it’s very own house! We even rent entire spaces just for stuff. I don’t know about you, but this idea makes me want to rethink the whole stuff commitment thing.

Clutter happens to have a sneaky way of undermining our creative juices and continually blocks a clear path to finding the thing we really want to wear.

Less stuff means more space which means more time because you spend less of it looking for something. Minimalism is not only eco-friendly with less stuff ending up in the dump, it’s also making a way for a more mindful and conscious consumer culture.

Want an even bigger challenge? Only keep the items you use on a regular weekly basis. If you haven’t worn it in more than 6 months, you probably won’t. There are a number of clever ways to re-home your belongings so share the love!

How to Help Yourself and the Planet

* Donate to shelters

* Sell it on Instagram or at a consignment shop

  • Host a naked lady party
  • Put that sewing machine to use and make something new
  • Gift it
  • Hand it down to the sibs
  • Give it back to the person that gave it to you

Give yourself some head space with these simple closet organizer hacks and tricks. You’ll feel free instantly.

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