When we think of Canada travel, the city buzz of Ontario or the majestic views of Niagara Falls may be the first attractions on our mind. We may miss out on thrilling expeditions and experiences that are found in the lesser known parts of Canada. Believe it or not, many amazing attractions aren’t in bustling cities like Ontario and Montreal. Here is our list of amazing adventures to try in less obvious attractions in Canada:

Glacier Walking in Jasper, Canada

The upper regions of Canada are cold enough to hold splendid icy wonders that you can not only watch, but explore for yourself! Located in the Canadian Rockies, the Athabasca Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in a non-polar region. The wide diameter of this ice giant makes it perfect magnet for a travel and adventure lover.

It’s easily accessible and safe to walk across and explore with guided supervision. You can even drink the refreshing cold waters surrounding the glacier! Not many can say they’ve trekked atop a glacier before. While the thought of the adventure is enthralling, the views are even more incredible. Look down to see the glacier’s ice crystals reach your feet, look further up to the majestic icy mountains right at your eye-level, then meet the clearest blue sky peeking out right above the peaks; it’s a truly otherworldly experience.

Athabasca Glacier in Canada is perfect for walking and drinking

Photo: Ben B. Well via Wikimedia Commons

Surfing at Cox Bay Beach in Tolfino, Canada

A trip to the beach may not be the usual Canada travel destination. But you probably never seen a beach quite like Cox Bay before. Unlike your typical tropical beach, Cox Bay has a chiller, bluer atmosphere. The charcoal-colored fine sand shore, the green vegetation at the bank and muted blue waters instill a different sense of serenity, like the comfort of rain or snowfall.

The Cox Bay waves are perfect for surfing, not too wild but not too weak, either.  For any travel and adventure lover who wants the melody of a waves crashing against a shore without the sweltering sun rays and crazy tourists, Cox Bay is that perfect medium between beach paradise and winter garden.

Cox Bay beach has a different sense of serenity compared to other beaches

Photo: Christine Rondeau via Flickr

Northern Lights Watching in Whitehorse, Canada

The Northern Lights are known as one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. And Canada is the perfect place to watch them glow.  Whitehorse is situated close enough to the North Pole where you can actually see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

There are tons of natural activities and adventures you can enjoy during the day, like hiking in a rainbow of orange and yellow fall foliage near Fish Lake in Whitehorse. If you really want to relax, take a dip in some hot springs resorts in Whitehorse, where you can watch the northern lights in warm comfort as the day wanes into the night.

Northern Lights are also known as Aurora Borealis

Photo: (Emmanuel Milou) via Flickr

Polar Bear Watching in Churchill, Canada

Polar bears? In Canada? Yes, they’re more common than you’d think! Polar bear migrations occur late into the year around October and November. Churchill’s temperatures drop so significantly that populations of polar bears located in the southernmost regions of the Arctic migrate to parts of the Churchill area.

Many specialized touring companies take small groups of travel and wildlife lovers to see the polar bears in the Churchill Wildlife Management area, where they are permitted. There are also strict restrictions on where these tours can take place and at what time, so that visitor effects don’t impact the polar bears’ habitat. Watching these beautiful bears in their natural state is a truly rare and wondrous experience, and you don’t have to worry about hurting or disturbing the bears as you observe them.

Polar Bears migrate to Churchill when temperatures are cold enough

Photo: Emma Bishop via Flickr

Waterton Lakes National Park in Waterton Park, Canada

If you want a more intimate experience with natural Canadian scenery, then you’ve got to check out Waterton Lakes National Park. The park is in between the rocky red canyons and the Alberta prairie lands, so you can get a taste of all kinds of the natural splendors Canada travel has to offer.

Paved roadways into the prairies allow for bike trips through the picturesque Canadian landscape. Breezy lakes are perfect for afternoon kayaking, sailing small boats and even windsurfing. The Emerald Bay’s calmer waters are perfect for swimming and even diving to see a sunken ship beneath the bay. Waterton Lakes changes with the seasons, making every visit different every time. Meet gorgeous fields of wildflowers in the Spring, and black bears, elk and deer in the Fall. Waterton Lakes is the best destination to get your fix of a Canadian pastoral paradise.

Waterton Lakes changes scenery every season, making it a unique attraction

Photo: Green Sea Glass via Flickr

Kite Skiing in Nunavik, Canada

Kite skiing is an up and coming winter adventure sport that’s both exhilarating to do and to watch. For the uninitiated, kite skiing involves skiing across ice and snow with a wind sail attached to you to direct you. Nunavik holds the Kite Ski Championships for the pros and kite ski programs for those who want to learn.

It’s a thrill-seeking sport indeed as you glide against the icy lands of the northern Quebec. If you’re not about skiing yourself, you can still watch the pros go at it; the brightly colored sails look beautiful as they glide across the white icy snow. Whether you want to try out a new athletic activity that’ll show you Canada’s winter landscape in a new way, or you want to watch the championships in Spring, kite skiing is an awesome activity to check out when you travel here.

Kite skiing is pleasant to watch for its colorful sails and special sailing techniques

Photo: (Igor Pavsky) via Pixabay

Ice Climbing in Banff, Canada

“Rock” climbing is so last year, it’s really all about ice climbing now. That’s right, you can climb up areas of the ice-covered Canadian mountains and it’s insane. There are even frozen waterfalls that you can ice climb too.

Adventure tour companies trained in ice climbing can guide you up frozen falls and mountains. Just like rock climbing, they keep you supported by rope and harness and provide instruction on how to navigate the ice. When you finally get to the top there’s a breathtaking view waiting for you. Ice climbing has been around since the 1880s and has been a favorite winter sport since then. Bundle up, strap yourself into a security harness and climb into this incredible Canada adventure!

Ice climbing on frozen waterfalls is a thrilling and magical activity in Canada

Photo: (Simon Steinberger) via Pixabay

Canada travel involves its fair share of main city attractions in its urban hotspots. But all these rare natural experiences await you when you venture to lesser populated grounds. These spots in Canada are less densely populated, tranquil as well as exciting for any traveler. Try out these thrilling adventures on your next trip and come back home with experiences your friends would never believe you got to have on your Canada travel adventure.

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