With the heatwave on around the world, it’s time to switch to healthier, lighter meals on a daily basis. This refreshing Watermelon and Feta Salad Recipe from Executive Head Chef Gopi Chandran of Sopwell House in St Albans, hits the spot.

Get a taste of the Mediterranean in your own back garden with this hydrating and vibrant watermelon and feta salad recipe. It will also go down a treat with your friends at your next summer BBQ. And we are all for food that is incredibly easy to throw together.

Watermelon and Feta Salad Recipe

Serves 4


  • ¼ Watermelon – Skin removed and diced 1 inch thick
  • Feta – 200 g diced or crumbled
  • Kalamata olives – 50 g pitted
  • Red chilli – 1 finely chopped
  • Olive oil – 10 ml
  • Garlic clove – 1 clove
  • A sprig of thyme and rosemary
  • ½ large lemon, remove rind and julienne (slice rind into thin strips). Juice the flesh
  • Basil leaves – 10 g
  • Mint leaves – 10 g
Watermelon and feta Salad at Sopwell House by Executive Head Chef Gopi Chandran

Watermelon and feta Salad – a perfect summer treat with a Mediterranean touch


  • To make the dressing, slowly and carefully heat olive oil, adding the garlic, chilli, thyme and rosemary, lemon rind.
  • Gently heat for 3 minutes, add lemon juice, salt and pepper. It’s important to do this slowly to avoid burning any of the added elements.
  • Set aside to cool.
  • To serve, spread the diced watermelon in the desired dish, sprinkle the feta on top, spoon over olives and distribute the dressing evenly.
  • Finish with a fine chiffonade of basil and mint – this will bring out all the flavour.
  • Enjoy!

Summer just got sorted. Stay healthy, stay hydrated.

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