A summer trip to Boston is something many east-coasters remember fondly from their childhood. From day trips to Cape Cod to outings at Fenway Park, Massachusetts is a place where you can have a perfect summer vacation.

There’s something about the charm and charisma of Boston. It’s a big city that feels like a quaint town at the same time. The people are interesting, and the culture is unique to the area—especially the accents. With a cool summer climate and plenty of things to do, a summer trip to Boston is a must-do for anyone who wants to visit New England.

For the outsider who has always wanted to see Boston outside of the movies, here is a list of activities that will make your summer trip to Boston memorable and exciting.


Freedom Trail—Explore History

Boston is one of America’s first major cities. Founded in 1630 by puritans, Boston was a vital city for trade and the beginning of the American Revolution. Many of the crucial events leading to and during the American Revolution happened right in Boston—and you can visit them in person anytime.

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile pathway right in the center of Boston. It is clearly marked out by bricks, so anyone can pick up on it anywhere along the trail.The Freedom Trail tells the story of the American Revolution and beyond. It also goes through many of the main attractions of Boston including some that are on this list.

You can even take guided tours with costumed guides along the trail, where you can learn about the historical significance to this iconic city.

USS Constitution Museum, Freedom Trail, Boston MA

Photo: (Gpyaz) via Wikimedia commons

Freedom Trail Marker, Boston, MA

Photo: (Aschulkins) via Wikimedia Commons

Boston Common—Relax

As America’s oldest public park, Boston Common is a beautiful getaway right in the center of downtown, and is also located on the Freedom Trail. It’s the perfect place to unwind during the day, especially if you came to the city for business. Its almost like a smaller central park.

Boston common is home to many activities and events during the summer, and also has several historical attractions you can visit. There are also plenty of park benches you can sit on and rest in the shade, especially if you are making your way along the Freedom Trail.

Boston Common, Boston MA

Photo: (Daderot) via wikimedia commons

Fenway Park—Catch a Red Sox game

Even if you don’t follow baseball that much, you have probably heard of Fenway Park. Opened in 1912, Fenway Park is MLB’s oldest ballpark, and probably one of the most iconic. If you are an avid Boston Red Sox fan who hasn’t been to the city, Fenway park is like a religious pilgrimage that every fan must take.

I highly recommend going to Fenway Park because it is a beautiful place for sports, families, and people. If you are not from America, this is a great place to learn about the spirit of our countries pastime.

A trip to Fenway Park is incredibly memorable. It feels like you stepped into a time machine. The same thing has been happening here for years. You take a seat in a place where people have been cheering for over a century, and it feels special. It feels like you did your part.


Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Photo: (J. Miers) via wikimedia commons

Fanway Park Game, Boston, MA

Photo: (Taylor Rooney) via Unsplash

North End—choose your favorite restaurant

The North End of Boston is a large area, but every corner is packed with amazing restaurants to eat at in the summer. If you take a summer trip to Boston, you will probably find yourself eating in the North End almost every night—especially at the areas many outdoor seating areas.

The North End is full of quality restaurants from many cultures, but many people know it for the Italian food. There are dozens of amazing Italian restaurants ranging from traditional fare to American dishes. There are also a handful of amazing pastry shops in the area where you can walk out with a delicious cannoli.

The Freedom Trail also goes through this area, so it is the perfect place to feel “tired” and grab a bite to eat on your way through.

North End, Boston, MA

Photo: (Yerevanci) via wikimedia commons

Harvard—Take a Tour

Harvard is one of America’s most prestigious universities—and perhaps the world. With incredibly notable alumni and a household name as the best school in America, Harvard is truly a sight to see.

You can take a short trip to Harvard from Boston, as it is located in nearby Cambridge, Massachusetts. You don’t have to be a ivy league scholar or Nobel prize hopeful to take a tour of the school though—anyone can take a walking tour. It is a great place to walk around, as it has a beautiful, fantasy-like campus.

You can also walk around Harvard Square, which has several restaurants and outdoor seating perfect for the summer. It’s hard not to enjoy the amazing weather Boston has in the summer.

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Photo: (Muns) via wikimedia commons

Cape Cod—Enjoy the beach

One of the best things about New England is that it is really small. That being said, some of Cape Cod’s coolest beaches are only a couple hours away by car. Cape Cod is home to childhood memories and relaxing beaches for everyone. The water is cool and refreshing, and the breeze is always blowing.

You can drive out to many of the Cape’s public beaches and spend a day in the sand—something you would usually sacrifice when taking a summer trip to most cities. The area can be traveled as far as you want. You could drive all the way to the end and spend time in Provincetown, or take a ferry to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard—all great activities.

Summer Trip to Boston, Marconi Beach, Cape Cod, MA

Photo: (|vv@ldzen|) via wikimedia commons

Faneuil Hall—Watch street performances

Right in the heart of Boston, Faneuil Hall is a beautiful marketplace rich with history and culture. Located on the Freedom Trail and part of the National Park Service, Faneuil Hall is home to Quincy Market, with plenty of places for you to shop, eat, and find entertainment.

As a place of public demonstration for centuries, Faneuil Hall is home to a wide variety of entertaining street performers. There are so many to see, from magic shows to music to outrageous stunts. You can enjoy this part of the freedom trail learning about the history of the area while also finding modern source of entertainment.

Quincy Market, Boston MA

Photo: (ParisaZ) via wikimedia commons


With an abundance of history, plenty of places to explore, and amazing food, a summer trip to Boston is something that any tourist should consider if they want an authentic and fun vacation. Hopefully, the charm of the city will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.


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