Pedal power your way through some of the most beautiful and best cycling routes – from New Zealand to Europe

Now I’m not saying to jump in headfirst and sign yourself up to The Tour de France, that was established in 1903. Though today is as good a day as any to start your cycling journey and find the most scenic cycling routes. In the United States, we are reaching the end of summer and school is starting.

So if you’re a parent you might have some time to feel like you’re your own person again and it’s time to fight the urge to binge-watch some TV. Though I’m here to remind you that the average person will burn between 450 to 750 calories per hour cycling.

That’s 8.5 to 14 Oreos you could be eating at this time without sharing them or ravenously inhaling while your child plays in the other room and feel relatively no consequences. If you have children or not I feel like the cookie incentive is incentive enough to get you through the first few moments of salicylic acid.

Without further ado here are some amazing places to go cycling!

Northumberland United Kingdom

Northumberland is the northernmost county of England. The route to take straddles the Scottish border while following the coast and includes Northumberland’s two huge forests, Kielder Forest and Wark Forest.

This route starting from Amble skirts the edge of Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve and links up to A1 just before reaching Berwick-upon-Tweed. This route is fairly remote and has amazing views! Learn more about places to cycle in Northumberland here.

northumberland cycling UK

Photo:Shane Rounce Via Unsplash

Loop Head Peninsula Cycle Loop, Kilkee, Co. Clare Ireland

The Loop Head Peninsula Cycle Loop, Kilkee, Co. Clare has options of either 10 to 90km scenic cycling routes. Though along the way there are shorter paths that have an array of ability level.

The route travels south following the northern coastline overlooking the waves crashing below the cliffs then to the more sheltered southern coastline. The loop returns you to Kilkee with the option of continuing north past Kilkee to visit Corbally and Cusheen. Learn more about cycling in Ireland here.

giant green covered cliffs rising out of the ocean

Photo:Luke Tanis via Unsplash

Useldange Castle through Hovelange tunnel the Loop from Arlon Belgium

Arlon Belgium this route has the same amount of uphill as downhill travel and has the least amount of cobblestone. The highest point of this journey is at 1,375 ft while the lowest point lays at 675ft.

The starting point is accessible by public transportation as well! This location has beautiful old Useldange Castle that is starting to be taken over by moss and other plants. Then through lush green fields at Radweg, then on through Hovelange tunnel. Leading you back to Arlon! Read more about cycling in Belgium here.

Old cobblestone with old historic buildings Arlon belgium

Photo:Bjung via Wikimedia Commons

Waikato River Trails New Zealand

Waikato River Trails make up New Zealand’s longest trail that covers 100km of off-road. Passing through native forest, birdlife, hydro dams, and over suspension bridges. Not to mention exhilarating downhills!

Follow the river’s banks between Atiamuri and Pokaiwhenua Bridge, some of the best of the Waikato heartland. The journey reveals five lakes, five hydro dams and a number of small towns and villages! Check out more details here.

suspension bridge over a gushing river going from one side with lush forest to the other

Photo:CJ Lamb via Unsplash

1000km Munda Biddi Trail Australia

Cycling the 1000km Munda Biddi Trail in Australia is one of the most scenic cycling routes. It is said that the name is derived from the local Aboriginal language, translating to ‘path through the forest.’ To give you scale, this is the same distance as crossing Europe (Madrid to Istanbul), or the USA (Florida to California).

The trail passes through hills, forest, pastures and covers such a grand area! It’s definitely on my bucket list that is for sure! Learn more from someone that has done the full length of the trail here.

beautiful white sand beach framed by old coral looking dark lava rock

Photo:Pagie Page via Unsplash

Harkerville Mountain Bike Trails in South Africa

The Harkerville Mountain Bike Trails are located in the Hakerville forest between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay South Africa. The trails consist of 4 routes ranging from beginner to advanced mountain biking.

The route that seems to be the most fun, out of the four, is the Green Route. Which is a 14km route taking you along the Grooteilandpad and onto the Waterpad. Passing by a swimming hole! There is also an optional loop that will take you along the breathtaking Hakkerville coastline. Learn more here.

giant cliffs rising out of the forest

Photo Grant Durr via Unsplash

Drava Biking Trail in Slovenia

First off if you are unaware of Slovenia in the Balkans in southeastern Europe is one of the greenest counties in the world. The Slovenian part of the Drava (26km) trail takes you from Koroška past Maribor and the oldest Slovenian city Ptuj to Ormož.

It will lead you to the castles of the Drava Valley and tell you stories about rafters, and the Ancient Roman times. Also passed the oldest vine in the world (400 years old)! See more here.

water buildings slovenia

Photo:Sincretic Via Wikimedia Commons

Bédoin Loop from Caromb in France

Now I didn’t suggest joining up for the Tour de France though they do have some amazing cycling for all styles and ability level. The Bédoin Loop from Caromb is a 46.4 mi trek with a 6,675 ft incline and a 6,675 ft descent. Your first destination is Waldpassage in der Auffahrt von Bedoin which is an overlook!

Then through Chalet Reynard up Mont Ventoux that is very reminiscent to the high sierra deserts of California. You then finish off your loop in Bédoin which is a small town with many cafes and bike shops.

mont ventoux france best cycling routes

Photo:berniedup via creative commons

I hope this influences you to start your cycling journey by finding the most scenic cycling routes around the world, with your newly discovered kid-free you time. The ability to pack lightly going somewhere and the freedom to eat as many cookies and sweets as you like at your own leisure. If you aren’t near any of these locations surely there are some bicycling routes in your area if you’re either into road biking or mountain biking.

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