If you have a never-ending love affair with the mountains, here are the best hiking trips and trekking destinations – from challenging to easy – around the world

Exploring the moods of a mountain could last from a few hours or a few days and it could be done by hiking, ice climbing, rock climbing and/or any combination and variation. So where do you go for the best trekking and hiking trips around the world?

It’s treading so far into the wilderness that you question why you don’t spend more time doing this. Have you ever found yourself walking for so long you don’t find yourself wanting to talk or think about anything beside the steps you’re taking?

It’s doing the very thing we were naturally supposed to be doing. Wondering, foraging, bonding, and spending days out in the sun. Feeling the gratitude and achievement of standing at the top of a mountain looking over valleys, streams, trees and yelling into the open air “yodelayheehoo!”

Mount Kanchenjunga, second highest mountain in Nepal

Nepal has eight of the world’s highest 14 peaks over 8000m (26,247 feet) tall, including the highest of them all, Mt Everest. Though with overcrowding and long lines to reach the summit today, it honestly doesn’t provide the same experience that Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey had. In 1953 they set their first ever foot on the summit of Mt Everest and experienced the pristine isolation on the top of the world.

Mount Kanchenjunga is located in eastern Nepal, 46 miles (74 km) northwest of Darjeeling, Sikkim. This massive mountain has five summits the main, west, central, south, Kangbachen. Covering the eastern part of Nepal, through the Arun valley, the trekking route to Kanchenjunga Base Camp is considered as the most beautiful valley for trekking region in Nepal.

See this Nepal adventure trek with purpose.

Mount Kanchenjunga Nepal

Photo: ashokboghani via Wikimedia Commons

Mount Apo, Davao del Sur, Philipines

The Bagobo tribes of Mindanao call the mountain“Apo”, meaning grandfather. The highest peak in the Philippines, at 2,954 meters, it is a dormant volcano with three major summits and a wide volcanic crater. This is the stunning Lake Venado.

So how challenging is it for hikers? Its thick mossy forests, steep trails, and giant boulders will call on your willpower. The starting point is Davao City and it takes about three-four days to hike to the summit and back. Here you’ll also find the Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle, the world’s largest eagle, and the country’s national bird.

The Ring of Mount Apo Phillippines

The Ring of Mount Apo. Photo: Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto via Wikimedia Commons

Mount St Helena, California 

Mount Saint Helena is the highest point in the San Francisco Bay Area watershed, and its East Peak is the high point of Napa County. Mt St Helena is a rewarding five-mile up-hill journey to the 4343-foot summit.

The Stevenson Memorial Trail goes from the parking lot on Highway 29 to the top of Mt Saint Helena. On a clear day, you can see Lassen Peak, High Sierra, Snow Mountain, Mount Diablo, Mount Tamalpais and even the Pacific Ocean! Learn more here.

Mount Saint Helena viewed from Napa Valley California

Mount Saint Helena viewed from Napa Valley. Photo: Oleg Alexandrov via Wikimedia Commons

Mt Sibbald in the lower Godley valley, New Zealand

Mt Sibbald (2804m) is a high peak in the lower Godley valley, first climbed by Edgar Williams and William Kennedy in 1917. Located east of the Main Divide, it is away from the worst of the westerly weather, making the climb a popular two-day trip.

The usual approach is from the Macaulay Valley, Macaulay Hut provides a good base for this journey. A high bivvy could be useful along with ropes if you’re trying for the southern peak! Though there are three main prominent peaks to choose from, look out for deteriorated rock and snowmelt. Learn more here.

Mt Sibbald new zealand

Photo: Bronte Lockwood via Wikimedia Commons

Lantau Peak, Hong Kong

Lantau Peak stands proud in western Lautan Island in the Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region). The second-highest summit in Hong Kong lies along the 70-km Lantau Trail just east of Ngong Ping and the Po Lin Monastery. This is also the home of the Tiantai Buddha statue, the largest outdoor bronze statue in the world.

The most convenient trailhead is at the Po Lin Monastery at Ngong Ping along the Lantau Trail. there is a sundial showing the direction of sunrise relative to the season. Learn more here.

Lantau Peak Hong kong

The Lantau Peak rises high above the Tian Tan Buddha. Photo: LNgchikit via Wikimedia Commons

Climbing Otertind in the Lyngen Alps, Norway

The summer mountaineers can enjoy the peaks, the valleys, the lakes and the glaciers of the Lyngen trek. There is also an eight-day walk from south to north of the peninsula (or vice versa) along with a section of day trips. This 1354 m peak of the Lyngen Alps is one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway and is located in Storfjord. The mountain was made famous by philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe and has been of interest to climbers since the 19th century.

best hiking trips Lyngen Alps, Norway

Photo: Philipp Schlabs via Unsplash

Indrahar Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh, India

Indrahar Pass Trek is an easy to moderate trek in Himachal Pradesh, taking off from McLeodganj, which is the seat of Dalai Lama. It will take you 4,425 meters passed sparkling streams, deep gorges, and tranquil lakes. On this trek,  you get an astonishing view of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Himalayan mountain ranges.

This pass forms the border between the Kangra and Chamba districts and lays bare the stretch of  Dhauladhar range with the fascinating glimpse of hamlets below. The view from the pass is just mind-blowing! Learn more here.

Indrahar pass himachal pradesh india hiking

Photo: mtclimber_81 via Wikimedia Commons

Though all the locations listed are multiple-day treks or short, best hiking trips, there are so so many more around the world with all different kinds of difficulty. There are so many that could get you started and spark your wanderlust. Make sure to check out places you could go locally or ways to train for your next big journey!

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