Ten handpicked astonishing images from Nature Photographer of the Year 2019.

Nature Talks presents the results of the Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 competition. Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi is Nature Photographer of the Year 2019!

His winning black and white photo of two rabbits that jump high in the air was chosen by the jury for the atmosphere, timing, light, perfect sharpness and composition. “This photo is proof that you don’t have to get extreme rare or extraordinary species in front of your camera to create a great nature photo,” says Keith Wilson, chair of the jury.

The judges had to choose from 14,000 images from 73 countries. A new record for this prestigious competition! Photos could be entered in 11 categories and also the Fred Hazelhoff portfolio award. This award was won by Gheorghe Popa, an Romanian photographer with a beautiful portfolio of Cuejdel, a small lake near his home.

Amongst the other winners, runners up or highly commendeds were great names from the world of nature photographers. Audun Rikardsen in the birds category, Wade Hughes in the underwater category and the Dutch photographer Bart Siebelink again, this time in the Nature Art category.

The youth category (11 – 17 years old) winner is Italian Giacomo Redaelli with a lovely shot of a nest of Long tailed tits getting fed by their mom.

Here are the images from the contest that will blow you away:

Little curious learner

Wewin Pandian, India
Finalist, Youth Category

Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 elephants

Wewin Pandian/ NPOTY2019

Symphony no 5

Giacomo Redaelli, Italy
Winner, Youth

NPOTY 2019_C11_60109_Youth_winner_Symphony no 5_Giacomo Redaelli - 1024 x 683 birds

Giacomo Redaelli/ NPOTY2019


Csaba Daroczi, Hungary
Overall winner

NPOTY 2019_C09_76362_Black and white_winner_Overall winner_Jump_Csaba Daroczi - hares rabbits

Csaba Daroczi / NPOTY2019

Exchange wild

Ernoult Alain, France
Overall, runner up

lion tanzania Nature Photographer of the Year 2019

Ernoult Alain / NPOTY2019


Luke Massey,Luke Massey
Finalist, Black and white

NPOTY 2019_C09_67032_Black and white_finalist_brothers_Luke Massey - 1024 x 683

Luke Massey / NPOTY2019

Help us

Tom Svensson, SWE
Man and nature

baby chimpanzees monkeys / NPOTY2019

Tom Svensson/ NPOTY2019

Golden eagle landing

Audun Rikardsen, Norway
Birds, runner up 1

birds Nature Photographer of the Year 2019

Audun Rikardsen/ NPOTY2019

Up in the air

Alexey Zozulya, Russia
Underwater, winner

whale / NPOTY2019

Alexey Zozulya /NPOTY 2019

Wolf attack

Steenhaut Martin, Belgium
Mammals, finalist

wolf attack birds / NPOTY2019

Steenhaut Martin /NPOTY 2019

Close inspection

Wade Hughes, Australia
Underwater, Finalist

Close inspection whale NPOTY2019

Wade Hughes /NPOTY2019

All the category winners, runners up and highly commended photos can be found on www.naturephotographeroftheyear.com. Starting from the 1st of December 2019 you can enter photos for the Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 edition. The Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020 will take place on the 14th and 15th November.

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