If you are an avid traveler at heart, you may be hit by the travel bug especially as we slowly emerge into the sunlight. It prompts you to pack your bags and set off to your favorite destination. Wherever you go, one of the first things to look for, among others, are good private tour guides, who’ll help you around.  While some people consider it a waste of money, hiring a tour guide is essential if you have a time constraint and want to see all the sights in town. Here are some reasons why you need a private tour guide:

Help with the Local Language

One of the significant issues travelers face in a foreign country is a new language they don’t understand. While it may be fun learning one or two words like “please,” “thank you,” etc, you can never remember the local lingo fully. The challenge lies in achieving conceptual equivalence between two languages. When language becomes a barrier, you lose out on richer experiences. 

You don’t know which gesture is rude or impolite, and you don’t want to be rude while in a new country. You may find it challenging to ask simple questions like “what’s the best food around here”  “What are the best sights to see here”. Tour guides can help you save time and help get everything you want for a small fee. 

Learn the Cultural Peculiarities

A local tour guide is the only person who can explain the peculiarities of the local culture. Moreover, there’s bound to be a huge cultural gap. You may be in for a cultural shock unless you are well-prepared. You may want to learn what sort of dress is worn locally and how to wear it correctly. 

In some countries, women must cover their faces in specific public places, and if you are not forewarned about this, you can get into a lot of trouble with the locals. When you are invited for a cup of tea in some cultures, it is considered rude if you don’t accept. 

If you visit any part of China, remember not to leave your chopsticks upright in your bowl when you are done because food is offered to the dead that way in China. 

Visit all the Places worth Visiting

With private tour guides helping you, there is no need to make plans throughout your stay. They know the places to visit first, the places to avoid, and where to pay in advance, etc. If there are a few must-see places that need reservations, your tour guide will do that for you and help avoid a long queue. 

Tour guides can help save precious time and make sure that you visit all the significant places in your destination. They know where the best food is available at the lowest prices. They’ll guide you on how much to tip so that you don’t end up tipping too high or low. 

Moreover, a tour guide will help you change your money quickly if you are not carrying enough local currency. 

Specific Details About the Destination

Only private tour guides can give you exciting tit-bits about your destination. While they can give you a detailed history of the town or city, they can tell you about who ruled the place when. They will play curators when you are at the local museum and give you precious details of the exhibits only a local can know. 

A local tour guide will have answers to all your questions and never tire of answering them. You need an experienced tour guide who knows the city in and out and can ensure that you don’t miss a single thing worth seeing. 

And finally…

A vacation to any heritage town or city can never be complete without availing of the services of a tour guide. You need a private tour guide who can give you an idea of the local culture and cuisine, and you can’t afford to miss either. And given that travel companies have suffered so much recently, you could happily lend a helping hand when you travel again. 

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