Feed the adrenaline rush at the best paragliding destinations around the world with the most spectacular aeriel views.

Paragliding is the perfect way to end a day of mountaineering! Spend the day climbing up the mountain and simply enjoy the ride down. If you’re looking for cross country flights, hike and fly expedition or coastal ridge soaring, modern equipment fits well into trekking packs. From New Zealand to the Swiss Alps, these are the best paragliding destinations around the world.

Modern paragliders are uniformly very stable as they are designed to recover quickly in case of collapse. It’s always wise to double check equipment before every flight, though you are safe with almost no risk of an accident resulting from equipment failure.

Almost all accidents happen due to mistakes made by the pilot, either in their reading of weather conditions before a flight or while in the air. Go with an expert on a tandem flight and soar away towards instant nirvana.

Paraglide over Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is on the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, set against the breathtaking Southern Alps. Aoraki/ Mount Cook (12,218ft or 3,724 meters tall) is the tallest mountain in this range. Though the highest commercial peak is Coronet Peak where you’ll be flying from 3800 feet or 1150 meters.

Queenstown is the best location in New Zealand for all kinds of adventure tourism and is considered the country’s hub for adrenaline junkies! New Zealander AJ Hackett invented the bunjy jumping here. There’s hiking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and so much more here for adventure all year round.

Paragliding in front of a snow capped mountain ridge

Photo: Tomas Sobek via Unsplash

Rainbow Beach, Australia

Rainbow Beach, Australia is named after the colorful mineral-rich dunes surrounding the town of 1100 people. Local lore states that the color actually came from a spirit that flew into the dunes while fighting an evil tribesman. Rainbow beach is located on the Easternmost shore of Australia 150 miles or 240 km North of Brisbane.

To paraglide over Rainbow Beach you launch off from Carlo Sand Blow that is a moon-like curve surrounding the outside of the beach. Located in Cooloola Great Sandy National Park. Because this area is within a national park there are some rules like the landing area is now north of the swimming area (or south of the rocks if you can’t make it). More about the rules here.

paragliding down over the c curved rainbow beach in Australia

Photo: …andrelax via Creative Commons

Makapuʻu of the Island of Oʻahu, Hawaii

Makapuʻu is on the far southeastern end of Oʻahu in the Hawaiian Islands, comprising of a ridge that rises 647 ft or 197 meters above the sea. 12 miles south of Honolulu and just passed Hanauma bay; Makapu’u is the remnants of a volcanic ridge looking out over the ocean.

There is one primary landing zone for this area and four primary launches that work in a broad range of conditions. Cactus is best for newer or less current pilots when the wind is light enough, the other two lower launches require more judgment and experience.

two paragliders in front of huge cliffs covered in small greenery

Photo: borkazoid via Wikimedia Commons

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia, known for its North Shore Mountains, is Canada’s westernmost province. The most popular beginner mountain is Grouse Mountain (the peak of Vancouver).

The base of the mountain is 900 ft or 274 meters above sea level with an elevation gain of 2800 ft or 853 meters you reach the top of the 3,700 ft or 1,127 meter summit. There is the option of hiking to the top or taking the chair lift. Learn more about the Grouse Grind and about paragliding off Grouse Mountain here.

British Columbia or BC canada. a paraglider taking off near a ski lift that brought them up

Photo: afagen via Wikimedia Commons

Liathach, Scotland, UK

Liathach Mountain is in the northern end of the northernmost country of the UK, Scotland. Located in the Torridon Hills, this mountain range reaches the height of 3,461 feet or 1055 meters. There are numerous launch points with two main trails to reach that top of Liathach. Find out more details on wind conditions and coordinates here.

gorge paragliding scotland UK

Photo: Nick Bramhall via Wikimedia Commons

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald, a village in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps, is a popular gateway for the Jungfrau Region. It is set at the base of Eiger Mountain near Gletscherschlucht, a glacial gorge. This mystifying landscape if perfect especially for paragliding!

The prospect of waterfalls, glaciers, mountain peaks, and alpine villages are definitely calling my name! Paragliders take off from First mountain (7,110 ft 2167 meters tall) at Schwarzhorn in the Bernese Oberland. The ride down coasts through the glacier-carved gorge over the town of Grindelwald. Learn more about Grindelwald here.

Grindelwald Switzerland three para gliders mountain

Photo: AC almelor via Unsplash

Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz village is located on a blue lagoon on the southwest coast of Turkey. Glide your way down over the top of Ölüdeniz Tabiat Parkı a white sand beach leading your eye to the blue lagoon. This crescent-shaped lagoon is the most popular paragliding spot and you’ve probably seen it on all Tukey tourism’s brochures! It truly is one of the best paragliding destinations in the world.

The paragliding season runs from April through to November. Paragliders take of from Babadağ mountain (6,460 ft 1969 meters tall) near Fethiye, in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey.

two feet at the corner of an in flight paraglide over a blue bay and white sand beach.

Photo: Tania & Artur via Wikimedia Commons

We bope you love this list of best paragliding locations and that it inspires you to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

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