North America is home to some of the amazing cycling paths in the world. With diverse terrain and incredible sights for your travel adventure, you won’t regret incorporating a bike tour into your next travel adventure. We’ve compiled a list of 10 peaceful, stunning bike paths organized by major cities in the US to make it easier to find a great trail near you!

Old Cutler Trail, Miami

This beautiful trail, recently revamped to make for a smoother ride for adventure lovers, runs roadside through Miami, allowing you to see the city through a different lens. Travel back in time as you pass beautiful Spanish style homes surrounded by palm trees. Since this trail is about 11-miles long, you can customize your bike ride to go through fewer road intersections if you’d like to avoid cars. You’ll also travel across some lovely riverside scenery that serves as a mini-sanctuary for cyclists looking for a peaceful getaway.

Also, for an even more unique cycling experience in the Miami area, look no further than CP Tours! Explore South Florida on one of their pedal-powered vehicles and see the city like never before. You won’t want to miss their “Cycle Party Bike Foodie Tour” that takes you to some of Florida’s best restaurants along the Wynwood Route while also showcasing this art district’s beautiful scenery. Check out CP Tours here!

Photo: CP Tours

Erie Canal Trail, Rochester or Albany

Anyone passionate about travel and cycling can agree that the Erie Canal Trail offers some of the best scenic routes in America. This trail should definitely be considered for more than a day trip for the entire Erie Canal Trail spans all the way from Rochester to Albany! If time permits, plan your routes and activities in advance to get the most out of your trip.

Many towns and cities along the trail are home to great museums that allow you to experience the rich history of the Erie Canal in a new way. There are also several theaters or performing arts centers in these areas for those interested in the local art community.

Of course, there is also the incredible Niagara Falls State Park that can be easily integrated into your travel plan, especially if your ride takes you towards one of the Buffalo, NY entry points. Niagara Cycling Tours offers riders a unique experience in this beautiful region. This Ontario-based tour company allows you to ride like a local, and take the route off the beaten path in the Niagara area. Whether an adventure in Wine Country or racing the mighty Niagara River, here’s a promising reason to add Niagara Falls into your next biking adventure. Check out Niagara Cycling Tours here!

tree tunnel erie canal trail bike paths

Photo: Brampton Cyclist via Flickr

Cherry Creek Regional Trail, Denver

Colorado is home to some of the most incredible biking paths in the US. Especially for mountain bikers, the challenging terrain can make for an unforgettable adventure for any extreme sports aficionado. The Cherry Creek Trail, in particular, is spread over approximately 42 miles and is used avidly by commuters, tourists, and locals alike. Considering that the trail is so popular, if you do plan to travel, make sure to map out your route in advance to avoid downtown areas that may be filled with commuters during peak hours (beginning and end of the work day). This trail crosses into the Cherry Creek State Park, which offers incredible mountain views across the water.

Cherry Creek CO

Photo: Cathy McCray via Flickr

Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, New York

For those of us living in large cities like Manhattan, finding a car-free cycling route that’s also accessible and easy to get to can be very difficult. However, the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is comprised of several different components across the area to make safe cycling possible for the largest city in America. Perhaps one of the most memorable sights along the bike path is the East River component where cyclists can catch a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge. Whether you’re a native Manhattanite or not, you won’t regret getting to see the area from a different angle away from the traffic jams and commotion of the city.

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Photo: Luca Temporelli via Flickr

Pacific Crest Trail, San Diego or Los Angeles

This trail spans nearly 3,000 miles all the way from Canada into Mexico! While the trail was originally intended for hikers and equestrians only, the Sierra Cascades biking trail runs parallel along the Pacific Crest so that you can experience the trail by bike as well! This scenic route offers views of nearly every kind of terrain from volcanoes to deserts.

As far as accommodations go when you travel, you’ll have to carefully plan your route, especially if you plan on spending the night. The best options would be to plan on camping and make sure your route goes through a national forest area. This trail also runs through 7 national parks including Crater Lake and Yosemite National Park, which are beautiful year-round. You may even decide to plan your visit around a national park to simplify organizing your adventure!

crater lake pacific crest trail

Crater Lake. Photo via Pixabay

Mississippi River Trail, Minneapolis

For any avid cyclist, experiencing the Mississippi River Trail will, without a doubt, be a memorable trip. While it is entirely possible to travel shorter segments of the trail for a day visit if you’re a local, you would certainly not regret extending your stay in either Mississippi or Minnesota to experience more of what the trail has to offer. The Minnesota Department of Transportation offers detailed information on how to get started with your itinerary.

Cyclists will be able to glimpse stunning views of the river with opportunities to canoe or kayak along the way. With so many different ways to experience this incredible part of the midwest, this biking trail makes for a unique summer adventure that you’ll find yourself wanting more of.

Photo: Dennis Yang via Flickr

American River Trail, Sacramento

Also known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, this 32-mile route takes you from Old Sacramento to Folsom Lake. With numerous places to enter, it’s easy to customize your experience and make your bike trip your own. Along with seeing hikers, equestrians, and even in-line skaters on the trail, you may also come across a variety of animals during your ride. Egrets, as well as deer and wild turkeys, have been spotted frequently on the trail. Peaceful views of the river accompanied by the abundant wildlife and plants throughout the trail will make for an unforgettable escape for any cyclist.

Folsom Lake bike paths

Photo: Cheryl Beadle via Flickr

Carrollton Greenbelt, Atlanta

The Carrollton Greenbelt is a beautiful, 18-mile trail located about an hour outside of Atlanta. While it may seem out of the way, visiting this trail is worth the trip. As the largest paved loop trail in the state of Georgia, you’ll come across beautiful lakes and trees that will have you wanting to revisit the trail again and again. If you’re not a Georgia native, the city of Carrollton itself is very charming with a quaint downtown area if you’re interested in extending your stay. The trail also winds through several adjacent neighborhoods that add to the variety of scenery that you’ll experience along the way.

Photo via Pixabay

Barton Creek Greenbelt, Austin

Located in the Austin area, the Barton Creek Greenbelt is a gorgeous trail that is great for intermediate to experienced cyclists. It’s perfect for a change of pace if you’re getting tired of your local neighborhood route. Designed around the stunning Barton Creek, this trail is an ideal escape from the city. Along this path, riders will find that the vibrant trees contrast beautifully with the limestone cliffs throughout the area. There are also many opportunities for climbing, hiking, and swimming if you’re interested in trying some new activities during your visit as well. Filled with exciting scenery, Barton Creek makes for a fun and unique challenge that’s a blast to explore!

Barton Creek

Photo: Patrick Lewis via Flickr

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