What’s in a name? Actually, not that much. Seaweeds are not truly a weed but sea vegetables that grow and thrive in glimmering, clean ocean water. This superfood is chock-full of life-giving minerals such as iron, calcium, and iodine – and if that isn’t enough to convince you to give seaweed a permanent spot in your pantry, then hear this: not only will their delicious, salty flavours will open your palate to a whole world of new possibilities but their amazing properties make them ideal to add to your everyday beauty routine, your morning smoothies and even your garden! Here’s how:

DIY Face Masks

Seaweed face masks are a blessing. These miraculous plants’  high Vitamin C content combats wrinkles, its potassium smooths out the skin and its anti-inflammatory properties get rid of under eye bags, redness, and puffiness. Like many a superfood, seaweed’s nourishing potential is almost limitless and quite simple to utilize.

A DIY Seaweed Face Mask may have you looking a bit like a sea monster for a few minutes but the results are fairy-godmother-turns-you-into-a-queen good. You’ll only need:

  • aloe vera
  • water
  • powdered seaweed.

If you can’t find some at your local health-food store don’t fret, you can make some yourself! Use a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle to transform dry nori sheets into a fine, bottle-green powder. Once you mix all the ingredients together slather your face generously with it and wait a few minutes before washing it off; your skin will be endlessly thankful.

make-up seaweed

Photo via Pixabay

Hair Care

It’s no surprise that seaweed can also be your hair’s best friend. Because of its incredibly high mineral content, seaweed can strengthen hair roots and give life to the shafts, making them silky and soft.

There’s a variety of beauty products that have already made seaweed their superstar ingredient, but if you’re like me and you’d like to give a try to a more rustic approach, then simply:

  • Grind the seaweed (or get kelp powder from the store)
  • Add some aloe vera
  • Coconut oil as a moisturizer and
  • Essential oils of your choice

Presto! You’re a few minutes away from unbelievably radiant hair.

Hair Mask, Pixabay

Hair Mask. Photo via Pixabay

Eat all the Green(s)!

Because they are constantly being fed by the nutrient-rich currents of the ocean, seaweeds of all kinds are a nutritional powerhouse. Full of antioxidants, elusive minerals, and essential micronutrients, they will have you glowing from the inside out. They are such a versatile superfood that you can eat them creatively:

Have some nori sheets as a snack, crush it and sprinkle it, make them into a delicious vinegar and garlic salad, try them as a welcome salty taste in soup or even try some spirulina powder in your daily smoothie.

Seaweed Salad via Pixabay

Seaweed Salad. Photo via Pixabay

Get Your Electrolytes In

Electrolytes are essential for sustaining a healthy state of hydration, which is why it is such a primordial nutrient for athletes. However, energy drinks are unnecessary to get in a satisfactory amount of electrolytes – you can enjoy some delicious kelp salad instead. The astounding amount of minerals found in seaweed can outlast any go-to energy drink in your gym bag.

Green Smoothie via Pixabay

Green Smoothie. Photo via Pixabay

Use it as a Fertilizer

If you own a garden, this one will probably take your gardening skills (and the nutritious value of your homegrown fruits and vegetables) to the next level. Next time you go to the beach don’t try to avoid the slimy seaweed stranded on the shore; instead, collect it to make it your own superfood-making fertilizer. As it decomposes, these unlikely members of the superfood world will unleash their mineral bounty over your soil and fill your produce with unbelievable nutritional value!

Gorgeous Seaweed via Pixabay

Gorgeous Seaweed. Photo via Pixabay

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