To travel is to explore. To explore is to learn. To learn is to grow. But these top scenic destinations have a way of healing daily life niggles.

Are you feeling cooped up? Stressed from the rigors of a monotonous life? You need a break? It’s recommended you take time off at least twice a year and changing the scenery around you can do you the world of wonders. However, when it comes to it finding the right destination can be a headache. Are you fond of mountain trekking? Beaches? Or a safari experience? Take a pick from the list and hopefully it will inspire you into your next scenic getaway.


The Highlands of the Scotland offer breathtaking mountainous views. Where blue skies meet the green mountains in summer and ice-capped peaks in winter. A place for eye-popping rivers and lakes, you cannot distinguish where the strip of blue blends with the aquamarine hue. A trip to the Highlands will certainly feel like a getaway to another world, satisfy your curiosity for the mysterious Lochness; the eerie castles and forts where part of the Gaelic history is embedded; the Glenfinnan Viaduct where the Hogwarts Express of the Harry Potter series traversed; and the famous last battle ground during the reign of the Stuarts in Culloden. The Highlands are filled with an unrivalled history and natural beauty.

The best time to visit the Highlands is from June to August, during the summer. The weather is neither too hot nor cold and wet. It is the season most suitable for mountain trekking and isle exploration. It is the best time to see a myriad of colors of green, blue, grey and white.

Arisaig, Scottish Highlands in Scotland

Photo: Ivor Bond via Pixabay


The city of Cancun in Mexico is relatively a young city, founded in 1970. It was developed as a tourist destination because of its unspoiled beaches along the Caribbean Sea. Its coat of arms is reflective of its top drawing attraction: the color blue stands for the Caribbean Sea, yellow for its sands, and the color red for the rays of the sun.

There are several beaches you can choose from depending on your moods. For a more festive mood, try Playa Tortugas; for tranquility, go for Playa Delfines; for water sports, snorkeling and diving, Playa Morelos or Playa Chac Mool are best choices. It’s not a surprise that Cancun is one of the best destinations on spring break.

The beaches of Cancun are not the only destination one can visit. Cancun also boasts of a wooden control tower in its only airport, the Cancun Airport Old Control Tower which you can see as you’re taking your taxi transfer into Cancun. A memorial monument has been built on its foundation. It is made of wood and is a replica of the first structure built there.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico. Photo: Emilian Danaila via Pixabay


Set off along the second largest barrier reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, this island in the Caribbean Sea is noted for its water sport activities, pristine beaches and awesome sunsets. There is plenty to do in Roatan. This island is best for snorkeling and scuba diving for its bountiful reef. The underwater experience is a feast for the eyes. There is a glass bottom boat tour for a different perspective.

Roatan is also known as one time a haven for pirates, thus, there are a lot of relics of grounded ships fit for exploration. When you get tired of romancing the sea, a jungle canopy tour is at hand. A part of Roatan is still covered with a vast tree canopy where you can enjoy the green vista via a zipline adventure.

Roatan is best explored during its dry season, from July to January. The climate is hot and humid because Roatan is a tropical area. It’s best to bring light clothing.

Roantan Island, Honduras

Roantan Island, Honduras. Photo: Eismannhans via Pixabay

South Africa

The Kalahari is one of the best destinations for safari adventures. Located in three countries, Botswana, Namibia, and parts of South Africa. Kalahari is not actually a desert in the strictest sense because of the presence of a savanna. Aside from the usual safari adventures and luxury vacations in the Kalahari, it has nature formed spectacles like the Boesmansgat Sinkhole or the Bushman’s Hole which is a freshwater filled cave.

The Eye of Kuruman which is the largest natural spring water in the southern hemisphere is another natural phenomenon. Whether trekking or using 4×4 jeeps, the mesh of colors of red sands to patches of green and the warmth of the blue skies engulfing the Kalahari Desert is worth capturing.

Safari Ride in South Africa

Photo by JUMBARI Family Safaris


One of the most visited countries in South East Asia, Thailand is the home of prehistoric rock paintings, Buddhist temples, immaculate beaches and great cuisine. Thailand presents picturesque mountain views in Chiang Mai as well as Ubon Ratchathani, and whilst you’re in the area it’s worth checking out the Elephant Nature Park 60 kms outside the city.

Buddhist temples and their architectural designs in these provinces are a must see. Hill tribe and mountain trekking, river rafting are some of the activities to enjoy while in these provinces.

Chon Buri and Phuket are the places to go to when you just love the sun and the sand. Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing or sailing abound. A visit to Thailand is not complete if you miss out on tasting its local cuisine. Also, visit the famous night markets of Bangkok.

wat arun bangkok thailand top scenic destinations around the world

Photo: Somphop Nithipaichit via Wikimedia Commons

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